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Dec 13, 2018


Christmas is often the highlight of the year; a time with family and friends, gifts, games, religious traditions and food. However, for some people, Christmas is a lonely time. Children have moved away, a loved one is gone, friends are on holidays, or illness keeps you home. How can Christmas be a quiet time and still be a joyful holiday? No matter where you are in your journey, a mindset of peace and gratitude goes a long way to overcoming loss and loneliness. Spend some contemplative time reading the story of Christ's birth. Write a gratitude list, and pray for the blessing of peace and joy. Acknowledge your loneliness and determine to balance that with positive action on Christmas day. Here are some ideas for making a lonely Christmas a joy-filled day.

Choose a project that you've always wanted to do and that is fun for you, such as finishing a quilt, painting the spare room, scrapbooking your photos, building a birdhouse or writing a story for the grandkids. While you work, play upbeat Christmas music, simmer apple cider and eat as many Christmas oranges as you want. Positive action helps to keep your day full and productive, and you might enjoy it so much that next year you will invite friends to bring over their projects and work with you.

Find others who are also spending Christmas by themselves. Organize a potluck dinner, pull out a couple board games, and voila, you've got a party. It's surprising how many people actually are alone for Christmas, and by keeping things simple, everyone can enjoy the day together.

Help serve Christmas dinner at a Soup Kitchen or community center, bring a box of groceries to a family that you know could use some help, or walk dogs at an animal shelter. Volunteering is a great way to look past your own grief and serve others. Wear a Santa hat and enjoy the day with a thankful heart.

Invite yourself out! Yep, just be brave and see what happens when you reach out to friends or family members and tell them that you just can't face being alone at Christmas and please please please could you come over. And if you get an invitation, don't be a Scrooge. Make it good by bringing your host family your favourite casserole or a gift of appreciation.

Light some candles, write a letter, read a book, watch movies and just relax in your cozy Christmas pajamas. Recognize that this year you will be alone, and it's OK to spend the day quietly. Perhaps next year you will plan for a busier Christmas Day, but this year is going to be your own time.

Always remember that if you are feeling overwhelmed and sad beyond what these suggestions can alleviate, please reach out to a professional counselor, pastor or trusted friend for help. We belong to a community of caring people who want to share the light and love and joy of Christmas with everyone.

Merry Christmas from Charis Village to you!


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