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Time to Move?

Mar 28, 2019

Do you think it is important to live independently if possible? Do you see senior housing as a place for someone much older than you? If so, you are not alone. In our culture, independent living is fiercely guarded, and is usually translated into a privately owned, single-family home. While I certainly cherish independence, my overseas experience helped me to realize that community and connection are even more important to me. Furthermore, I recognize that what brought happiness at one stage of life does no…

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CAN YOU HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO? Maybe so! Why not consider a life lease? Home equity, no maintenance, no worries.Let's look at how to have that cake. WHAT IS A LIFE LEASE? A Charis Village Housing Society life lease is essentially a 29-year, pre-paid lease. It ensures that you can enjoy a lovely independent-living home and property for as long as you need it, and there will be a continuum of care in the same community through the provision of assisted living and long-term care. The life lease give…

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Newsletter Feb 2019

Feb 28, 2019

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I have a dear friend named Eleanor. She spent her career teaching Grade 1 in a Christian school and raising her family by herself. When she retired, she was living in a basement suite rental. Although her suite was comfortable, Eleanor told me that she never felt financially at ease, knowing that her money was not building any equity and that her rent could increase at any time. Also, she felt insecure because someone could easily break in through the basement windows. She was lonely as well, longing for a …

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Charis Village Cafe

Jan 10, 2019

Did you set any New Year resolutions about health and fitness? If so, are you still keeping them?  I am notoriously poor at sticking with New Year resolutions, and thus find myself in the poorly company of 70% of Canadians, according to Mr. Patrick Gaudreau, a researcher from the University of Ottawa. In the spirit of resilience, however, I've decided to bounce back again. Today I hope to offer you (and me) some tips gleaned from the experts and from my own experience on how to keep active despite the backs…

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