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To advance the plans for developing a Christian Seniors Village in Central Alberta, presently envisioned to be located in Lacombe, the Foundation is seeking to raise the necessary capital to implement its desired vision.

We are excited and hopeful that the Christian community will embrace this project as we will need the support of many to make this vision a reality. As a Board, we feel strongly that the Lord is guiding us and we ask for your prayers as we continue to move forward.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact one of our Board members:

Peter Kuipers - Co-Chair 403-748-4265
Wim Schakel - Co-Chair 403-885-2912
Pauline Prins - Secretary 403-782-2600
Peter Zuidhof - Co-Treasurer 403-885-5263
Merle Jacobson- Co-Treasurer 403-783-5779
Glenda Johnson 403-782-6853
Mary-Joan Pyper  
Warren Schnoor 403-782-3800
Hans Spelt 403-782-6039
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